मंगलबार , असार १२, २०८१

मंगलबार , असार १२, २०८१

New variant of coronavirus ‘XBB’ detected


A new variant of coronavirus has been detected in Nepal.

According to joint-spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Sameer Kumar Adhikari, the sub-variant of Omicron’XBB’ has been identified in Nepal.
The sub-variant of omicron ‘XBB’ was identified in course of genomic sequencing of coronavirus infected people from different places of the country from August 21 to October 10. The sample test was conducted at National Public Health Laboratory.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has urged all to follow the due health protocol as coronavirus infection may increase in festivals like Tihar and Chhath. It has also requested people to wear face mask, maintain physical distance and wash hands with soap regularly.
Around 50 new cases of COVID-19 are being detected daily on an average.

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